10 simple steps to start a business today


Do you have a business idea but do not know where to start?

Here, we give a simple 10-step method to lay the foundation of your business and start today.

  1. Write your vision.

    You cannot start without knowing what kind of business you want. It is possible that the end result of your company will look a little different to what you imagined at first, but you need to have a general idea of what you want to achieve. What do you want from your business? Try to answer three simple questions about your product, to find your vision:

  • What is it?
  • What is in it for me?
  • How do I get it?
  1. Research your market.

    This may be a boring step, but it’s also why many first-time entrepreneurs who do not commit to this step end up failing.

Sure, you asked your family and friends what they think of your idea and they loved it, that means you have a market , right? No. You need to return to answer questions from the previous step and also to clarify the following:

  • Why should someone buy your product?
  • What do you offer consumers that nobody else has?
  • How do you make the delivery method easier and faster?

These questions will help you find what is the market for your business and what points you need to solve for customers looking for your offer.

  1. Create something you can sell.

    If you cannot solve a problem for your market you will not have the necessary sales to maintain a business. It is that simple. Make sure that whatever you offer, it solves a problem so you can deliver the solution as a valid business.

  2. Build your site.

    Now that you know your market and your product offering, you must put a site online.

There’s no need to spend a fortune to do so. Buy a domain at services like GoDaddy or Host Gator. You can install a theme of WordPress and start immediately. If this is too complicated you, you can build a stepper system site, such as Weebly.

If you really cannot do it or you want to have the best results, hire a designer to create the page for you.

  1. Define your automation.

    These days, most businesses require a form of automation to keep order in payments, inventory, e-mail responses to customers and suppliers, and so on.

Imagine what the shopping experience in your business will be from a customer perspective and think about what you want to see. Maybe you’re not yet ready to begin this aspect yet, but your business will grow and you must be prepared. There are services like Infusionsoft that can help you to establish the automation.

  1. Establish a sales funnel.

    Maybe your business is not yet ready to use more complex services like Infusionsoft, but there are platforms that will help you maintain order sales as Leadpages or Click Funnel. These services of email and payment processing are a good choice for small businesses.

  2. Create a service e-mail.

    Your company will need to generate a database of emails to send newsletters with promotions and traffic to your site. There are services such as AWeber and MailChimp who are responsible for creating a mailing list. Remember that currently, the key to a healthy business is to have a good digital communication.

  3. Open your page in Facebook.

    This is a great social network to publicise your brand and bring surfers to your website tool. Create valuable content consistently to generate a community true to your brand.

  4. Develop valuable and shareable content.

    You can publish your content on your website and syndicate it through services like Rebel Mouse to be seen on Facebook. However, if you want it to be made ​​known, you must create very good and easy-to-share content.

  5. Refine, move and manage.

    Continuing the previous nine steps will help you establish your business to start. Do not forget that you must return regularly to each of the steps to make the necessary corrections to your business so as to gain experience.

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