10 tips for getting extra “juice” to your LinkedIn profile


This social network can be the key to connecting with partners that will drive your business use.

LinkedIn is a social network that many have but few people will take on all the potential “juice” it has to offer. This platform not only serves to see where your friends work, but also lets you make professional contacts that may be the key to taking your career to the next level or even providing you with the partners you need for a new business breakthrough.

However, it’s not enough to just have a profile and expect recruiters to reach your front door. To attract professional connections, you need the right information and present it to look attractive, but respectable.

Here are some top tips and advice to have the perfect profile within this network.

  1. Good Profile: Complete your profile thoroughly; the more you include and with better details, the better. For users, it will also be easier and faster to find.
  2. A beneficial direction is to customise your profile URL to appear among the top results in Google.
  3. Excerpt: Write a summary of your career with a brief, attractive and easy to read text. This will work as a digital presentation letter.
  4. Experience: ask for recommendations to former leaders, teachers, customers or suppliers. That will give you greater credibility with new contacts.

Also, add your skills i.e. highlight tasks you’ve developed throughout your professional experience.

  1. Projects: share your work. Improve your profile by adding links to your professional projects, so that everyone can see them and work as evidence of what you can do.
  2. Education: include universities and centres where you have received some kind of training as well as courses and volunteer activities.
  3. Skills and Knowledge: Include keywords in this way, so that when other professionals come looking for people with your skills, they’ll find you.
  4. Groups: Integrate into talks among LinkedIn communities. This way, you will have access to new ideas and will be updated with the latest trends.
  5. Do “follow”: Find the profiles of the people who you want to imitate to always be aware of their news.
  6. Get a professional photographer to arrange your pictures: remember to give a respectable and responsible image.

– Avoid wearing clothing similar to the tone of your skin colour.

– Do not use bright colours like red or orange.

– Avoid colours like white, yellow and pink as they make your skin look pale.

– The best colours for pictures that give a professional image are blue, green and purple.

– Do not wear too much makeup. A natural look is the best introduction.

– Have a good posture. Smile, but do not exaggerate your expression.

– Golden Rule. Do not dress for the job you have, but for the position you want

– Be natural, do not exaggerate your hairstyle or makeup because you may damage your personal brand.

Following these tips will allow you to reach your full potential of contacts through this network. For more business tips, look up thecheapaccountant today.

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