Choosing the right accountant


How to choose a good accountant for your company

What are the characteristics of the best accountant for you and your company? It’s important not to rush your decision, take your time and do your research prior to selection.

Choosing a good accountant for your company is also a key issue, since it will lead to key aspects of running the business’ finances, so it is necessary to take into account the experience that the accountant offers and also their reputation.

Sometimes, many companies only consider the recommendation of friends and family. Before selecting an accountant, it is necessary to know specific things you might need, and to try and explore your references. This way, you can know best about how that accountant works.

Take into account the following points when setting out to find who your accountant:

Local can be Helpful

Although not a key issue, it can be much better to find an accountant who is close to home, or can be found within walking distance if transportation is an issue. This way, you can quickly make arrangements to meet with them and talk through pertinent issues. The Cheap Accountant is a London Accountant, but does work with companies from across the UK and the rest of the World, we also specilaise with online accounting as well as holding good old fashioned meetings.

Reputation is Key

The price of the accountant’s fees is important, but more important is their reputation. If you go with a cheap accountant who is bad at their job, then this can be far more counter-productive than having to spend more on the best available accountant. Therefore, weigh up the options and don’t always settle for the cheapest.

Personality Counts

The personality of the accountant can help too, but it is better to consider other aspects. They must suit the personality and way of working of your company. The accountant should be clear, concise, direct, and a person able to communicate effectively and openly. It is important to choose an accountant to make you feel confident, and in whom you trust.

Experience with your kind of Company?

You must know whether the accountant has experience working with companies of the same size in the same specialty. This is because an accountant working for large companies may not do so well in with smaller organisations and vice versa.

Get References

You have to check the references of the accountant, both good and bad, if any. It’s a good idea to also contact previous clients to find out their impressions and reasons for not working with them anymore. Based on all these references, you should be able to make a general opinion. Be wary to base it on just one opinion though, as this may be biased.

The role of an accountant may include issues of enrolment, taxes, monthly accounting, presentations balances, wage settlements and counselling. Be clear about what you want, and the accountant will help you with your budget and expectations.
Consider aspects such as trust, speed of response, the degree of communication and the level of advice they can give you.
Research to find the right fit

Attempt to locate fully registered professionals. There are many resources within your local authority to find licensed accountants, or simply research carefully online. You want those who are authorised to perform certain formal presentations, as in the balance sheets of companies. A professional student enrolled cannot fulfil some of the functions, so be aware of this.

Look into Costs

Consider the accountancy fees and scope of work. Usually, the regular accounting work is handled with a fixed monthly payment that is agreed by the level of activity carried out. Make sure you understand what activities are included in the proposal of the chosen accountant, and how fees may vary in the future.

The tasks may range from counselling to complete outsourcing of paperwork and presentations. You need to know the availability of the accountant, the aspects covered and the fees that exist, so that everybody is transparent and well informed from the outset.

The Cheap Accountant prides itself on quality, affordability and professionalism. We are experts in business accounts and specialise in Sole Trader and small to medium sized Limited Companies. If you are unsure what you need, get in contact with us today.


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