Considering 7 Myths of CRM


Considering 7 Myths of CRM

Day by day, the term CRM is gaining momentum among managers, business managers and owners of SMEs. Given this recent rise in importance, here are 7 myths about this topic so you can take advantage of this great tool.

1. CRM is all about the software.

False: CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is the management of customer relationships, is the process of carefully managing detailed information about each customer or prospect, as well as all contact points in order to maximise their loyalty.

This type of action existed even before computers, fortunately today we have technological tools that allow us to maximise and optimise the CRM Company. A software system or CRM will facilitate access and standardisation of information.

2. CRM is exclusively for customer service.

False: A CRM will help you maximise your relationships with your current customers, but a CRM effectively can allow marketers to maximise their efforts. Your sales team can accomplish much more with less time and resources.

3. CRM (Software) requires many hours training.

False: The first software that was developed to meet this need was created more for reporting and handling the control of data. Therefore, some are very complicated; however today there are solutions that are intuitive. A CRM system should be the best partner of your company and should be a help, not a burden. Check out for more in depth information on financial aspects.

4. Using a CRM takes time.

False: It’s a myth than a CRM generates more workload to the seller. This idea initially arose as a natural resistance to change that we all possess. How can you decrease the resistance? This would happen by having a tool that really supports the sales force and generates initial rewards to the most committed people.

5. All CRM implementation requires great commercial know-how.

False: There are many variables that influence getting the most out of this tool. However, the main key to success is the commitment and leadership of managers to complete the transition.

Definitely the support of experts in the commercial area pave the way, as then you can support this culture change and get everyone on the same boat.

6. Success depends solely on CRM vendors.

False: There are countless heads of organisations that fail to implement new ideas. In this case they do not succeed because they leave the decisions waiting or fail to fully delegate users while they themselves are not involved. In any organisational change, leaders must lead by example.

7. CRM means automatic sales.

False: CRM may help manage business processes become more optimised and speeded up, but to operate successfully, there are two factors still required: a professional sales team and the proper setup. The CRM’s success is not what gives you more statistics, but one that provides valuable information and maximises user effort, foregoing other means: more sales and customer loyalty.

It is a fact that different results materialise from doing different things, and as Jim Rohn says, “Getting great results requires great actions” … Begin today by using a CRM, and you will start creating pleasant surprises from the beginning.

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