Do not let criticism affect your business in social networks


Do not let criticism affect your business in social networks

After testing new tools to help potentiate your business, especially in areas such as communication with customers and promotion, common understanding states that social networks are one of the best channels to achieve this goal.

However, not everything always runs smoothly. This is because in many cases, negative comments and reviews are put into question in not only your publications but the company too.

Tops Tips

For this reason, we have developed some tips to avoid such comments from affecting the image, productivity and identity of our company.

– Before starting a business social networking account, you must develop a specific plan for the guidelines to follow for publishing. Furthermore, this should have a crisis plan, thus if there is any problem, you can react in a timely manner and in the best possible way.

– Remember you’re not a dictator, i.e. comments on social networks do not have to appeal to everybody; accept criticism and do not get frustrated by bad reviews.

– It is normal when you receive this kind of feedback to feel anger or disappointment; experience these or other emotions but keep quiet and do not obsess on that topic; it will probably not be the first or the last of its type that you receive.

– When you decide to answer the criticisms, do not be explosive, always do it correctly and politely.

– We recommend that you do not delete negative comments unless they contain profanity or are too vulgar. It is best to defend your point of view and prove you’re an expert in your field.

– To answer the criticism, it is recommended not to do so immediately, as this may come across too impulsive. It is better to think things through with an adequate response structure taking the time necessary.

– Every negative comment must be filed and analysed. This is because many of them will help you grow as a business and boost your business into fields that you had imagined.

– If you give an uninformed response or give a wrong answer, the negative review will have more strength and your company or brand will be discredited.

– Nobody is perfect, so if you make a mistake it is best to admit, to apologise and work to not let it happen again; this will give you much credibility among your followers.

– When you detect a troll (a person who is just looking to bother you with aggressive publications without any purpose); ignore it completely, because if you follow this avenue, it can lead to tit-for-tat arguments and doesn’t reflect well on a professional image.

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