Facebook, an ally of SMEs to increase sales


Facebook is an important tool that should not be overlooked

SMEs like Facebook – a lot. This emerges from the latest data released confirming that there are 30 million small businesses in the world with a page on the social network. We must also highlight another trend that confirms the importance of connections through the smartphone. Specifically, 19 million SMEs manage their page on Facebook through their mobile.
In the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) there are 7.5 billion connections between individuals and SMEs in Facebook. Amongst those, 68% that are active on Facebook are in contact with at least one small business.

In the UK, the results are even higher. 73% of the active people on Facebook are connected with at least one SME, and this generates a total of 303 million connections. In social networks, small businesses have found one of the most effective ways to interact with potential customers, establishing a relationship of unprecedented ways.

• Marketing

Thanks to social networks, marketing has recovered its old vigour, lost partly in favour of advertising in the mass media. The industry has in many ways returned to a more personal form of marketing. This is because consumers are using mobile phones, and expect brands to treat them as individuals.

For our company, Facebook is a window and a speaker to the real world for thousands of start-up companies that use the social network as its main channel of communication and as a platform to launch their brand on Facebook.

For most newly formed companies, the main objective from social networks at the beginning is to increase online sales and generate brand recognition. Facebook is a critical tool in the growth of new businesses, because it allows us to reach our customers instantly and with vast reach.

• The 7 Advantages

1 – Allows you to be where the customers are

The main reason to put your business on Facebook is that your existing customers are instantly available, and there are many business opportunities in a network that concentrates on many millions of participants.

2 – Create a free business community

Facebook gives companies the possibility of a free site, so you are able to form your own community and interact with your customers and prospects.

3 – Increase Web Traffic

Facebook Pages are great for driving traffic to your website. There are no limits to this, and even Facebook encourages linking your website with your Facebook fan page.
Although small at the beginning, the amount of traffic you receive from Facebook will increase and improve the number of visitors to your site.

4 – Allows promotions and coupons

A Facebook page is a direct channel to the followers or fans. You can organise campaigns, contests, promotions, events and use your Facebook page as a promotional tool. It is implicit that the greater amount of fans you have, the better your chances of doing good business are.

5 – Provides a place for comments and suggestions

People love to communicate and this will be a place where you can do it easily. Customers generally have some degree of identification with your business or brand and it is good to give them a place to share and discuss.

6 – It is accessible to all

Facebook pages are accessible to all visitors that have an account at Facebook. It is freely open although you can also adapt your privacy settings as you require.

7 – Easily indexed by Google

Google is very attentive to all pages that are posted on Facebook and will quickly appear in your results. No wonder the Facebook page of a business often appears better positioned than its own website.
The advantages do not end here, but remember that the greatest advantage is the Facebook page has the most viewers. Having a Facebook page is really vital to any business that wants to expand its online presence. For more business and financial news, check out thecheapaccountant.co.uk today.

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