How to Use Facebook for Business


Facebook is not just a website where people can keep in touch with friends.

Nor is it just a place to meet people, and share photos, videos, and links—it is also a great marketing tool for businesses.

Facebook allows a business to create a network of followers; reach millions of users located around the world; promote a brand, product, or service; communicate with an audience; and get feedback.

Today there are thousands of businesses that have a presence on Facebook and daily take advantage of this great tool. To make sure that your business is not left behind, this article will show you how to use Facebook for business.


Create a Page on Facebook

The first thing to do to use Facebook for our business is to create a Facebook page. Business pages are similar to user profiles that we all know but have some special features, such as the ability to capture an unlimited number of followers without having to approving them.

To create a Facebook page, enter and follow the instructions.

Select a category for your business, write your name, create an account through which to manage the page, upload a profile picture (which could be the business’s logo), publish a brief description of your business, and put your website address, and the direction you want to the Facebook page.

Following these steps will bring up the administration panel of your website, where you will publish more information about your business, such as a more extensive description, mission, opening hours, and contact details. You will also upload a cover image, which is the first thing users will see when they visit your site.


Post Content

After completing the above steps, you can start inviting people to visit your Facebook page. Before you send the invites, it is advisable to try to make it as attractive as possible so that when people visit, they will be compelled to “Like” and follow.

One way to make your Facebook page attractive is to publish engaging content, which may be formed, for example, by:

  • Comments made on behalf of the business, for example, a greeting or an opinion on any event
  • Small items that are useful to your audience, for example, guidance on the use of one of your products
  • Images of your products
  • Pictures of the events you have done or where you have participated
  • Videos showing your business premises
  • Information about new products, promotions, and events
  • Links directed to blog posts of your business or to third-party publications

In general, publish any type of content, but always with a rule that it is of interest to your audience.

Attract Followers

After having a Facebook page attractive enough so that visits result in “Likes”, the next step is to attract followers.

To do this, start by inviting friends of your staff and your Facebook contact list to visit your site and click “Like.”

Another way to promote is to put links directed towards this or “buttons” provided by Facebook on the website or in the blog of your business. Publish the address used in advertising media such as posters, brochures, and flyers.

Another way is to make use of Facebook’s advertising program, which allows you to publish your ads on user profiles, and only pay ads they click.


Having captured followers to your Facebook page, the next step is to interact with them.

For this, respond to comments as long as possible, answer inquiries, and address complaints. In the case of complaints, react in time and explain the facts, apologize, or even offer something for free, because otherwise the complaint could become quickly known and create a very bad image.

Another way to interact with fans is to make use of applications that allows you to, for example, announce events or  create offers or surveys that incidentally allows you to get feedback and consult supporters about the impressions they have regarding your products or services.

Promote Products or Services

One of the main advantages of using Facebook for business is the ability to promote products or services effectively.

Facebook allows you to effectively promote because Facebook users often consider the tastes shared by their friends much more than what they would consider advertisements or mailing publications.

To promote products and services on your Facebook page, post pictures with the products you sell, notes on the launch of new products, or advertising of current sales promotions.

At this point, you must consider that the main objective of a Facebook page is to attract followers and loyalty rather than sell products or services, so you should not abuse the publication of advertising content. Instead of selling it, you could embarrass our fans and get them to stop following you.

Keep the Page

Finally, for your Facebook page to be successful you must keep it current, which involve publishing content relevant to your audience and interacting with them continuously.

Posting content continuously allows you to follow public trends and allows your fans to have always news from you. It increases the chances of fans becoming customers and sharing your page with their contacts, which increases your exposure and has the potential to attract more followers.

Continuously interacting with your audience will allow you to strengthen relations with them, make you identify and achieve their loyalty, and increase the chances of them becoming your customers.

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