Cheap Limited Company Accounting Quote Services

A limited company is a very popular choice for businesses’ – owners of the website is called shareholders; the liability of each shareholder is limited by the number of shares he has taken. The owners have limited liability which means their personal possessions are treated as separate to that of the companies.

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Limited companies are a very good for saving and reducing the tax liability, our quotes are very competitive and can help you save money on your accountancy service provider. Limited Companies owners have the choice of taking a dividend or paying a salary through PAYE, or a combination of the both. The accuntants we use can help discuss the options availale to you and what option best would suit your need. Every busniess has a different requirement and an accountant will help discuss what option works for you.

The Cheap Accountant will provide your business with cheap limited company accounting quotes. If you are just starting up, or you need an expert to go over your accounts we can provide you with an accountant who can help you. What are you waiting for? Try our free accountancy quote service out today.

Services accountants can provide are :

  • Payroll
  • VAT Returns
  • Account Preparation
  • Bookkeeping & Reconciliation
  • Tax Returns
  • Annual Return Service

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