The Use and Strengths of Social Networking for your Business


Social networking and business go hand in hand.

It’s imperative your business has a presence, and there are so many different outlets to choose from. You should make a point to use the right network for the right task:

  1. Twitter

Is a free web-based system that allows users to post messages (called tweets) limited to 140 characters that are updated in real time.

Use for you: With Twitter, companies can report on releases of new products or services. People can publicise current events, and in turn the recipients of news can make them also know (retweet), resulting in the spread of news sometimes faster and more effective than traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.).

Strengths: Twitter is huge for communication with customers since it is possible to monitor key words to know what is said about your and your competition. This social media outlet is also imperative for brand exposure; it offers unique opportunities for integration into web sites to attract customers virally, helping your company to excel over others.

  1. Facebook

Is a social network where users can add friends, send messages, play games, form groups, and construer own profile.

Use for you: Companies can create pages that can be supported by “fans.” To be a follower of a page, the user will simply “Like” your page and automatically receive updates in their News/Home section. Facebook also implements and allows you to post ads, and integrate your company’s site (through Social Plug-ins).

Strengths: Facebook stresses communication with clients, and it is excellent to attract people who like your brand, who share your links, and participating in promotions and surveys. It is a great outlet for brand exposure because Facebook provides many options in order to unveil a brand through free or paid advertising options.

  1. LinkedIn

Is a social network aimed at professionals and businesses. The purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business.

Use for you: It can be used to find jobs, people, and even business opportunities. Also, through connections called second and third grades, you may also contact someone through a mutual contact and trust.

Strengths: LinkedIn is an exhibition brand that is effective for personal brand exposure in order to display your professional experience and profile. On this social networking site, a good reputation is most important.

  1. YouTube

This is a video sharing website where users can share and upload new videos.

Use for you: YouTube hosts a variety of clips from movies, TV shows, music videos, and amateur video blogs. Links to YouTube videos can also be placed on blogs and personal websites.

Strengths: It can be put to good use for communication with customers since the video is a tool that quickly captures the interest of users seeking entertainment, information, or both. It’s also great for brand exposure one of the most powerful tools on the web to build a secure communication channel for your brand. Through use of SEO, it’s a very effective way to build links to our site as the videos have high ratings on search engines.

How to best use social networks in the entrepreneurial world

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube are the most popular social networks out there. Utilise all of these tools right to help attract consumers and get your business known. This will, in turn, increase sales, build loyalty, strengthen relationships, and spread important information about your products! Your business should not neglect or ignore its importance, but embrace the benefits that come with it.

However, be careful in choosing which of these networks to have a presence with. Not all of these are equal, or serve the same purpose. Each network has a specific goal. You must use the correct network for the right task, and do it well; this is a challenge and a new skill that you must be willing to develop if you want to undertake any business.

Consider some points that social networks have in common and that make them so powerful and valuable to grow your business:

  • Think social design strategies: From now on, the “social” aspect should be part of your business strategy. That is, when designing your business goals or think marketing campaigns, you have to do it taking into account these new ways to communicate with your current or potential customers.
  • Create authentic brands: Users from different networks usually appear genuine and sincere. You must correspond providing clear information about your company. Your brand must speak with authentic and coherent voice.
  • It provides an interactive experience: People spend a lot of time on these networks communicating and sharing with each other. Therefore, it is important to think about content that invites interaction and to actively respond to communications. This will generate your online presence.
  • Develop relationships: Developing contacts is a full time job. This means that for your presence in the networks to be truly effective, you have to invest time, persevere and think strategically.
  • Continuous improvement: The networks give you the opportunity to receive feedback from users in real time, which makes it easy to continuously improve your products and services.

The yes and no network of contacts:

Yes: to be specific, proactive, constantly, to stay positive, to seek collaboratively with others, to have business cards, to have a presence on social networking sites.

No: to be pessimistic, anxious, thankless, to use low quality tools for marketing, to overreach, to be passive.

To become effective in developing contacts must go into action. Do not forget that the intention without action is delusion.

As a small business you can use social networks to:

  • Brand: Create a profile on Facebook and build a group that allows you to interact with the user.
  • Promotions: You have the opportunity to communicate offers to people who have chosen to follow.
  • Events: Facebook is possibly the ideal place to organise events and promote your brand leveraging events other place.
  • Customer Service: With social networks you have an open channel with your customers that you can provide information of interest, and they can express their views, answer questions, participate in polls, among other things.
  • Market research: Through networking you can “test the launch of new products” for users to actively participate in the development of new products and services or communication campaigns.

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