The UK should not be forced to choose over EU membership


The UK should not be forced to choose between EU or Exiting the EU. George Osborne tells the EU that reform is needed, or the UK could leave.

If the European Union does not reform they way it operates then the UK might “face a choice between joining the euro or leaving” George Osborne had said.

A main point that arose was the EU’s competitiveness in the global market. Competing with India and China would become increasingly more difficult if the RU does not face reform, he said.

George Osborne also stated “I believe it is in no-one’s interests for Britain to come to face a choice between joining the euro or leaving the European Union.

“We don’t want to join the euro, but also our withdrawal from a Europe which succeeded in reforming would be bad for Britain. And a country of the size and global reach of Britain leaving would be very bad for the European Union.”

The issue is that the David Cameron has already told the UK that we will be having an In Out referendum on membership of the European Union if they win the next election.

George Osborne has repeatedly stated that the EU must reform otherwise the overall economic output will decline over the coming years with stiff competition from emerging markets including India, Brazil and China.

Osborne said “simple choice for Europe: reform or decline”.


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