Why serve customers through social networks?


Why a business should use social media?

Most companies have different communication tools to meet the needs of its customers. That is, they have an email address and a phone number for their service. Although at present, with the great heyday of social networks, most customers ask to be heard beyond those typical traditional channels, your business may need to adapt to these new needs of an online target audience.

So why is it important for a business to have a customer service amongst the social networks?

If your company aims to have more effective customer care, you should try to consider another means of communication – one used by most of your potential and current customers today.

Now, more than ever, people can express their concerns and needs in a different way and in real time. Thanks to the internet and especially social media, communication is becoming more open and spontaneous.

Therefore, you should ensure that customers are no longer willing to wait for more customised information about a business and its products or services, nor are suppressed when the network share their doubts, thoughts or feelings.

In addition, these new methods we are using to communicate have the incentive of reserving a place in the front row for our family, friends, fans, followers, who can also listen or participate in these online interactions.

It is perhaps why a social media strategy that emphasises a quality level of customer care is necessary to maintain a good reputation for your business.

Why have strategies to gain attention on social networks?

1. Greater efficiency and agility in customer service

The speed of communication has increased and customers now require ever shorter response times.
Social networks offer a quick and effective way to resolve any doubts or meet the needs of your customer’s information. However, you should still be well prepared to manage them effectively and professionally.

2. Customising your service

The modern customer, consciously or unconsciously expect that your company can create a customised service for them. What better way to do that than taking advantage of the information available on their accounts in social networks? For example, when a customer tweets a question, writes a comment or sends a message to your Facebook page, Google+ or LinkedIn – their name, basic information about their account and perhaps much of their tastes and interests will be visible on your social profile.

3. Get valuable information from your target audience

Maintaining a relationship in social networks with customers gives us valuable information about their tastes, interests, needs, features, etc. At present, this type of information is very necessary in order to adapt to the needs of your target and try to retain those customers.

4. Provide value

Online communities and business pages on social networks allow customers to interact with other clients in the network or share their experiences.
If your business offers customers that kind of place in their social platforms, you will be providing an added value of unquestionable importance. However, you should make sure to monitor the conversations taking place and provide additional information as needed.

5. Solutions to Common Questions

Customers today have become a little more self-sufficient, as regards to the search for information or quick solutions to their questions.
Many times, people prefer to read frequent customer questions and solutions that have been offered to them, when making their own queries.

6. Power your online reputation

Unlike the positive description which you give your business, comments from other customers (with their photos and social data) and the interactions that are generated with them in social networks, can offer a more credible image to potential customers.

This is because today, your company’s relationship with its customers and the good and bad opinions expressed by them on the Internet, are key to developing a stronger and more credible image and reputation.

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