Why small businesses should budget?


Why is a budget important for a business?

Running a business often requires owners to plan carefully and review their finances. Most companies use some form of accounting to identify, measure, analyse and present financial information. Accounting tools may include budgets, financial statements, forecasts and other tools to manage financial information. Business budgets may be perhaps one of the most important financial tools that the company can use in their business.

• Analyse

Budgets usually represent a detailed analysis of how a company expects to spend money in future periods. Many companies create budgets on an annual basis, so they can carefully outline the needs of each department of the company previews. Using an annual budget process also limits the amount of time spent creating and managing business capital resources. While large companies may have used accountants and other professionals to create the budget of business, small business owners themselves are often responsible for completing this feature.

• Limit spending

A major advantage of using a business budget is the ability to limit the amount of money spent on certain operations. Budgets often have expense accounts to ensure that capital is not wasted on non-essential items or the company does not pay too much for the economic resources used in business. Limiting the amount of capital invested by the company can require owners and managers to find new suppliers or vendors to acquire the inputs of the company, saving money and meeting budget limits.

• Create a financial guide

Often budgets allow companies to have a financial road map for trade. Many companies review the budgets of the previous year to determine how well they conform to the guidelines and why changes occurred in the budget. Not all budget changes may indicate a negative trade situation. If budget variances were due to an unexpected rise in sales revenue, companies may need to increase the amounts budgeted for future sales increases.

• Plan for future growth

Companies often use budgets to plan future business growth and expansion. Saved capital on regular business expenses can be placed in a special reserve account designated for the selection of new business opportunities. The budget for future growth opportunities ensure that businesses have the capital on hand when they need to make a quick decision to expand business operations. This capital can also be used during difficult economic times as a safety net for the payment of business expenses.


The use of a business or accounting software package can help companies automate the process of budgeting and expense tracking electronically. These software packages can also collect or gather information from the accounting department of the company to create a simpler process in creating and managing budgets. These software packages are often a valuable tool for managing financial information and review data in real time.

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